Ok well, that’s me. Another blogger in the web world, spending the money that I definitely don’t have. Seriously, I’m Alycia (or malavida, because sometimes life sucks 💊), 21 years old, and occupy my time by being a french young graphic designer, and a makeup / fashion / art / food / music / movie / book / home / travel / crystals / depression addict. Obviously it’s quite a lot for someone so small (bitch conscience).

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you, bored / insomniac / lost person (choose the mention you are) my hobbies, my compulsive shopping, my “art”, my desires and my obsessive troubles ahah Joking ! (I’m I ?).

Apart from that, just wanted to thank you to visit my brand new blog, and hope that you’ll enjoy it.



Facebook : www.facebook.com/alycia.rnd
Society6 Shop : http://www.society6.com/malachita
Instagram Art : maalavidaa
Instagram Beauty : malavidamu
Behance : http://www.behance.net/arnd


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