Hey guys ! I’m so happy to write this post today because I receive my first order from ColourPop and I want to die because this is fucking beautiful. Finally, ColourPop is shipping worldwide, and finally I can get my hands on these precious beauty that I was waiting for AGES ok. Their products are so amazing, but as a lipstick junkie I was so excited about their liquid lipstick.


The shades range is insane, the colors are all more beautiful than each other, and damn, they’re so affordable guys, like, 6$ for a liquid lipstick, isn’t that heaven seriously ?  For my three test shades I choose Lumiere 2, a beautiful cool toned nude, Tulle, a beautiful brick red, and Lax, a fucking red bold and dark shade, just as my soul.

The packaging of these lipstick is so beautiful, seriously, every thing in the world which has an iridescent filming on the top, has my heart forever. So obsessed with iridescent things ahah. By the way, the tube is made from a really nice and absolutely not cheap material. Isn’t that packaging so cute ? 💜 I’m dying and crying of happiness and love inside (are you serious bitch ?).


Tiniest applicator in the world, so easy to apply.

But, obviously, the best point about these liquid lipstick is the formula. Hell yay, that formula is bomb, omg I have no words (too much joy in this post). Ok, let’s try to find right  words to describe it. This formula is not too liquidy, not too creamy, it goes on lips like a fucking dream, feels so comfortable and velvety on the lips and dry not too fast. It reminds me a lot of one of my favorite liquid lipstick formula : Sephora Cream Lip Stain. These lipsticks seems to last sooo well, they ‘re totally kissproof, waterproof, oilproof, alienproof  and whatever you want.


Only one bad point about these is that the international shipping price is so expensive (25$), but honestly, never mind, I love them too much to pass it ! That’s why I have already purchased four other shades (ahahahaha I’m poooooor). If you’re also in love with them, notice that ColourPop is having a super cool Labor Day offer where you can have FREE (yes, I  said FREE) full sized and brand new Ultra Matte Lip lipstick shades with any order (Spend 10$ get 1, 25$ get 2, 40$ get 3, 50$ get all 4 new shades). So, RUN GUYS !

Hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll not post this week end, because I have a wedding party and  have to get myself full-glam ready ahah, so wish you all a great weekend and see you soon in a next post !



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