Hello everyone ! Hope your week is going well. Fall is here, I’m so happy to be a little bit more fresh now. Ok, for this post, I know I’m like really fucking late, BUT, in my defense, I had to say that I didn’t think that one day I had to do this review. In fact, I’m not a huge fan of full coverage foundation, but now that I’m watching this foundation for months, watching 10 reviews a week on it,  I finally decided to test it instead of being a brave shit. The other reason is that I’m insanely into concealers, and when the concealer show it nose I was like “hey girl come here”. So, firstly, here’s what Too Faced says about the Born This Way Foundation/Concealer.

“Born This Way is an oil-free foundation that masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin. For coverage so undetectable, you can’t see the makeup and you can’t see imperfections—all that’s left is naturally radiant skin that looks like you were Born This Way.”

“Instantly hide imperfections, vanish the appearance of dark circles, and blur the look of lines and wrinkles for complete coverage so undetectable, they’ll think you were Born This Way.

After using Born This Way Concealer:
100% said it showed IMPROVEMENT IN SKIN MOISTURE LEVELS after 1 hour
97% said it provides a NATURAL, UNDETECTABLE FINISH
97% said it provides a SMOOTH, CREASELESS FINISH
97% said it provides a FLAWLESS “NO MAKEUP LOOK”
*Research results”


The packaging of this duo is like OMG so adorable and lovely, as usual with Too Faced they are ON POINT.  Their logo is so beautiful and sits so well on all the packagings. By the way, the quality of this packaging is really nice and heavy, at least for the foundation, because the concealer is more a plastic packaging than the glassy packaging of the foundation. Anyway.
The foundation comes with a pomp, like, how can it be possible to not put a pomp on a foundation seriously ? It’s so easy to apply, in an economic way. And the concealer comes with a tiny wand applicator, really easy and nice to use. NO PROBLEMO !



Got the shade Vanilla for foundation and Fair for concealer.

The foundation color range is really nice, they are 18 different shades on the Too Faced website, but in my country, we don’t have so much. That’s why I have to say that I probably go for Ivory, but they weren’t any transitional shades between Porcelain and Vanilla … Anyway (fuck you) the Vanilla shade seems to be ok on me ! The concealer color range contains 10 different shades, and I was between Fair and Light so I decided to go with Fair, because I like to be a little bit more highlighted on the under-eye.

Fair concealer on the left, Vanilla foundation on the right.

The foundation texture is a little bit thick, and at the beginning I was like “Omg I will be caky as hell yay”, but it blends really nice on the skin and gives a really nice mat finish. The foundation is oil-free, really nice point for oily skin like mine, but maybe it can be a little bit drying on other skin types. Otherwise, I have to say that the foundation do oxidized a little so be careful.
The concealer texture is really nice and liquidy, but still full coverage, and this blends like a dream, it’s incredible ! The coconut oil on the formula really helps the under eye to be moisturized throughout the day, it doesn’t crease on the fine lines and stay for ever. In fact, the two products have a strong lasting power, I used them on a wedding day, and damn, they were always here the next day.

Half-Half, With (left) and Without (right). And shitty face.


As you can see, both products looks really nice together and on the skin. They doesn’t look caky or patchy, and the skin still looks like skin (is that make sense ?). They cover really well my imperfections, redness and dark circles. I really like this foundation for evening/special long events, especially for fall/winter season. So happy with my really first and nice full coverage foundation.

Only negative point, is a usual a price point, because these two products are a little bit pricy. The foundation retails for 39$ and the concealer for 28$, but the quality is here, and I did not regret my purchase for nothing !

What are your favorite full coverage foundation/concealer ? 😊
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