Hi guys ! I’m so happy to post today after one week, because Uni starts again and I’m already deeply into work (crying inside). That’s why I will only post once a week, but don’t worry, I don’t forget you lovelies. Today I wanted to make a kind of different post. You know I’m soooooo (like REALLY) into liquid lipsticks, and sometimes, I really like to put them on test, and even confront them, just for informations and comparisons, I don’t want to take advantage of a brand over another, and for me, those kind of reviews are really interesting.


Today I’m gonna compare two of my favorite liquid lipstick EVER : The Limecrime Velvetines and the Sephora Cream Lip Stain. These two formula are Bomb, even if the Limecrime are a little bit more expensive than the Sephora (18$ vs 14$). For both brands, the colors are gorgeous, and I’m definitely dying for them. Here, the two colors are not really similar. Jinx is a dark purple shade and Dark berry is a deep cranberry red with a little bit of metallic effect. Seriously, aren’t they GORGEOUS ?


I started to apply them at 10am, so you got Limecrime on the right side and Sephora on the left side. These two formulas are very similar, they’re liquidy, they dry completely matte and hell yes they are kissproof. Those words feels like heaven for me, and with this, I’m a filled woman. As you can see, they’re super pigmented and goes on really well on the lips.


Here is what both sides looks like after 3 hours and a great meal and few drinks. As you can see, they still looks really good, you can see there is a little bit missing on the inner part on my lips, but I think it’s a current issue with liquid lipsticks.


And this is what it looks like after 8 hours. After drinking, eating, talking, kissing and all the damn things in a day. Both sides are not so bad. There’s obviously product missing on the inner part and the lip contour is starting to be a little less defined, but seriously, they are still fucking there, and in a great way ! Of course I didn’t reapplied nothing on top. They really look similar, and I can’t say if there is any difference between them.
If you are insanely in long lasting liquid lipsticks like me, you will LOOOOVE these so much. Just have to say that at the end of the day, it feels a little bit dry on the lips, it doesn’t affect me, but if it affects you, just keep it in mind.

Hope you enjoyed this kind of post, if you want me to do more half-half review on other lipsticks/products, leave a comment bellow. Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you like this post and I’ll see you in another very soon ✨



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